Experiments Online: Home Pages of HEP Experiments

This document directs you to home pages of various high-energy physics experiments. If we are missing the home page of your experiment, please send a note to: expbase@slac.stanford.edu . Last update: 30 June 1995.


Brookhaven: CEBAF: CERN: Cornell: Darmstadt, GSI: DESY: Fermilab: Frascati: KEK: Los Alamos: MIT: PSI, Villigen: Saclay: SLAC: TRIUMF: NON-ACCELERATOR EXPERIMENTS:

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You may also wish to consult the EXPERIMENTS database, maintained by the Berkeley Particle Data Group and SLAC Library. The database was updated in June 94. Browse the database from the source, SLAC(SPIRES), or check a copy at Durham(HEPDATA). A printed summary of current and recent experiments in particle physics, Current Experiments in Elementary Particle Physics (LBL-91 Report, 1994 Edition) is now available [September 94]. A copy can be obtained free of charge from:

Particle Data Group, MS 50-308, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA, e-mail: pdg@lbl.gov

(Requests from Europe should be sent to: CERN, Scientific Information Service, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland, e-mail: anton@cernvm.cern.ch)

H. Galic , SLAC