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Turin is located in northern Italy, close to the Alps and to the French border. It is the main city of the Piedmont region. Owing to its position, Turin is the natural reference point for the surrounding Alpine valleys and also the meeting point of large national and international routes.

For more information, see the web site of the City of Turin and its Tourist pages.

Turin region map

We'll give here just brief directions. Please, for more information, give a look at the City of Turin travel info pages.

  • By Airplane:

    Turin has its own international airport ("Sandro Pertini"), located in Caselle. The airport is connected to the city by both train and bus services (even though, at the moment, the railway reaches a secondary station, Torino Dora). A taxi service is also available.

  • By Train:

    Turin has three main railway stations: Porta Nuova, Porta Susa and Lingotto. The first two of them are in the city centre. In order to check schedules and timetables, you can either use the web sites from Trenitalia (Italian Railways), or from Die Bahn (German Railways).

  • By Car (main highway connections):

    • A4 (Turin-Milan-Brescia-Venice)
    • A5 (Turin-Aosta)
    • A6 (Turin-Savona)
    • A21 (Turin-Piacenza-Brescia)
    • A32 (Turin-Fréjus-[France])

A street map is available. You can find maps of the town, including bus and tram lines, from the G.T.T. web site.
Other maps are available at Informadove and Virgilio.

  • From Porta Susa Railway Station:

    Take the tram #1 in the direction of "Caio Mario". It goes to "Porta Nuova Railway Station"; get down there.

  • From Porta Nuova Railway Station:

    From the street in front of the station (C.so Vittorio Emanuele) take the bus #9 and get down at the last stop ("Torino Esposizioni"). You have to cross corso Massimo d'Azeglio, take via Valperga Caluso and turn left at the first cross.

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